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Value Proposition

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ShoreTel’s Director offers a powerful tool to build and manage elements of call flow individually. Visual Call Path provides an enterprise view of call flow as a connected network. See how calls flow into and through the organization using connected diagrams of Trunks, Menus, Workgroups, Hunt Groups, Route Points and Destinations simplifying the setup and administration of the single image ShoreTel application.

Issue Management

  • When a new implementation is planned or substantial changes are to be implemented for an existing application how can this call flow be viewed as a connected network?
  • How can an existing call flow be documented or reviewed with operational management for approval of design or for design changes?
  • To temporarily change the call flow in support of an event or other temporary operational change, how do you plan and document the changes and then ensure the system is returned to normal post-event?
  • Once we have the call flow the way we want it, how do we make sure that it stays that way?
  • How can multiple administrators with AA access easily see the results of others’ changes?
  • How can we train new administrators on the existing ShoreTel Call Paths?


  • Misdirected Calls – When an extension is receiving calls that it should not be, how do we find out from where the calls are originating within the system?
  • Circular Logic – If it is impossible to delete a Director entity because a User’s individual selections are in conflict with system settings, how do we identify the Circular Logic that prevents the action?
  • On-Hours, Off-Hours, Holiday and Custom – How can we easily see which Call Modes apply to which Elements?
  • Message Scripts & Recorded Messages – How can we quickly confirm that the Message Scripts written in Director are identical to the Recorded messages that a caller hears?

Upcoming Features

  • Mapping of CDR data to the diagram objects to identify menu item selections and traffic demographics
  • Enterprise Contact Center
  • Overlay of Schedules and Call Modes to see differences on one page
  • Visualization of Schedules and Call Modes by time, so that when a time of day is selected, all applicable selections are shown

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